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Modern Satisfaction


Modernism was a rejection of the ornate flourishes of other design styles, such as Gothic, Renaissance and Victorian styles of design. Therefore, many of the different modern designs have several common components of which the design themes have become associated with modern design.

Clean Straight Lines

Modern design was meant to be the antithesis of the previous design styles which used heavy textures, carvings and wood tones throughout the home. Therefore, most components of modern design, from the furniture to the shape of the rooms, includes clean, straight lines with no additional detail. This differs slightly from contemporary design, which uses curves and sweeping lines; modern design’s lines are crisper, sharper and very spare.


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Furniture Styles That Fit Well With Modern:

  • Mission style
  • Art Deco
  • Shaker
  • Oversized tiles with rectified edges
  • Sanded wood floors that minimize the grain
  • Bookcases and shelves inset into walls, rather than protruding into the space
  • Open floor plans with few walls
  • Lack of moldings trimming windows, doors and walls

Modern Design for Modern Thinking

Modern interior design can be thought of as a spectrum, rather than as a single, defining style. Modern design encompasses both the bright and bold designs of a store like Ikea and ultra-minimalist furniture at the same time. On one end of the spectrum, the spirit behind modern design is to reject the notion of designing for mass appeal in favor of starker and more minimalist designs, while on the other end of the spectrum you will find designs inspired by the bold colors used in abstract art.

Some History On Modern!

Modern design is part of the larger movement of modernism. Modernism is usually dated back to around the end of the 19th century, although there are examples of modernist thought before that time.

Essentially, modernism is associated with modern thinking. The modernists were keen to shake off the intellectual, creative and cultural norms of the Enlightenment and to push the boundaries both culturally and creatively. This included a movement away from organized religion and the idea of a single, omnipotent god. The modernists were concerned with developing new norms and mores that were more suited to a world that had experienced great change since the Industrial Revolution. The words of Ezra Pound became one of the mantras for modernism: Make It New!

Modernism started as an intellectual movement, but soon spilled over into all parts of life, from the political to the creative. Literature, art, music and design – both architectural and interior design – all fell under the influence of modernism. Some of the subgenres of art and design that fall under the heading of modernism include:

  • Futurism
  • Bauhaus
  • Neo-Dada
  • Cubism
  • Minimalism
  • Abstract Expressionism


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